Nuria Vargas

LUNA is a young rapper disenchanted with the music industry. One night he meets the Cuban writer and repentista Alexis Díaz Pimienta. This tells him about «repentismo» and the TROVEROS that still live in La Alpujarra. Luna, of an Alpujarran mother and Cuban grandmother, is attracted to this other form of improvisation that she was unaware of and decides to make a trip to meet, face to face, with the trovo and her protagonists. A trip to the roots.

  • Year of production: 2021
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Running time: 70 mn
  • Director: Nuria Vargas
  • Screenwriter: Nuria Vargas
  • Producer: Salvador Olea (Egoa Films)

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