José Luis Estañ

Darío Manzano, the young protagonist, learns that his colleagues mugged the drug lords they work for. This is the trigger for a spiral of fateful situations that will force him to fight against the clock for his and his family’s survival. Estañ portrays the most popular and vulnerable environments that revolve around drug dealing in a vibrant and tension-filled film until its very end.

    • Year of production: 2021
    • Genre: Thriller
    • Country: Spain
    • Language: Spanish
    • Running time: 75 min
    • Director: José Luis Estañ
    • Cast: Miguel Ángel Puro, Allende García, Pablo Tercero, Mar Balaguer, Resu Morales, Vicente Rodado, Roque Arronis, Sergio López, José Fernández, Manuel Menárguez, Oti Manzano, Patricia Giménez, Dolores Calatayud
    • Producer: Trilita Films, Twin Freaks Studio, Caballo Films, Mordisco Films


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